Blackfin tuna commonly tip the scales at 15-30 lbs, and that makes them around ten times lighter than the yellowfin tuna. But what these fish lack in size and weight, they make up in spunk. They love to fight and pound for pound, are regarded as the doughtiest game fish out there.

Angling for blackfin tuna while Florida fishing is an experience to remember. Spring and summer months are best times of the year to fish for blackfins. May is the peak season and these tasty fish are quite abundant in our waters.

A light tackle works best to catch these fighters. They love to eat, and can be caught with bait or lures. Blackfins travel in schools and can be chummed with certain live baits. Chumming with baitfish is the easiest way to hook tunas, reeling them in though is another story and that’s where the fun is. Also, an experienced boat captain has a feel for the amount of chum to release overboard to the blackfin tuna engaged in an active feeding frenzy. Blackfin tuna are shy and will sound at the slightest disturbance. It takes skill to get them busy eating and then approaching them so that the lines can be cast. You can catch a lot of five and ten pounders all year round while Florida fishing, even in shallower waters. But to catch the big ones, you need to head out deep and cast bait at 200 and sometimes 300 feet. Rock piles and wrecks are always a good place to check out for blackfin tunas in shallower waters.

While blackfins are aggressive open ocean predators, they themselves are a favorite meal for blue marlins.

It’s worth knowing that if you’re out Florida fishing for blackfins, you should be out there with the first light of the sun and also when it’s dusk. These two times are ideal for getting a bite from these fish. Blackfins have big eyes and can see in lowlight conditions, they have no problems in seeing the bait.