Swordfish, marlin, and sailfish are the three billfish that offer the maximum excitement to those keen on Islamorada Florida fishing adventures. To catch swordfish, replica watches we need to head out to waters at least 650 feet deep. The swordfish has a distinctive appearance with easily recognizable dorsal fins and tail. Its bill is longer […]

If you’re headed our way, that is, to the rich fishing grounds that the Florida Keys are then maybe you may want to do try your luck landing a sailfish or two while you’re here. Give us a call and we’ll take you where the sailfish are. Meanwhile, here’s a quick primer on what you […]

Blackfin tuna commonly tip the scales at 15-30 lbs, and that makes them around ten times lighter than the yellowfin tuna. But what these fish lack in size and weight, they make up in spunk. They love to fight and pound for pound, are regarded as the doughtiest game fish out there. Angling for blackfin […]

Along with the sailfish and swordfish, blue marlin form the “big three”, blue water giants that are at the pinnacle of fishing adventures that the coast Florida offers. These giants of the deep sea can tip the scales at 1000 pounds. This said, you’re more likely to catch one in the range of 150-600 pounds. […]

One of the joys of Florida deep sea fishing is that every day on water can be a learning experience. Each time you venture out, there’s something to learn that makes you a better angler, brings you closer to nature, helps you develop a skill, and gives you a lot to boast about. You are, […]

If you’re coming to Florida for Key Largo fishing, then take a look at coral reefs for fishing. These live coral reefs off Florida Keys Reefs and wrecks are favored by fish because of the abundance of food; the entire food chain is present there – from invertebrates and planktons to the big fish. The […]

Known as the “Gray Ghost of the Flats”, the bonefish, found in the sand and grass flats of the Florida Keys and Florida Bay, is a saltwater trophy fish that offers anglers excitement that few other shallow-water fish can match. If you’re a Key West fishing enthusiast, then the best time of the year for […]

Deep sea fishing, as the name suggests, is a recreational fishing activity in which you head out into the deep ocean, often in a chartered deep sea fishing boat, to pit your skill and luck against the denizens of the deep. In Florida, deep sea fishermen can enjoy catching amberjack, triggerfish and grouper simply by […]

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